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Flute Camp 2024

Our annual Flute Camps are led by Wendy Wagler.


Flute Camp offers flute students the opportunity for individual lessons, ensemble experience and professional coaching in a week-long intensive setting, to improve their performance skills and to help players get back in shape for school in September. These performance-based workshops will be of interest to students of all playing levels.

Each week concludes with a short recital to showcase some of the skills participants have learned during the week and to provide valuable experience in a performance setting.

Daily Schedule will include:

  • Group warmup
  • Individual lesson
  • Small ensemble
  • Masterclass
  • Flute-related craft
  • Flute Choir
  • “Flute Topic of the Day”
    • high-register / alternate fingerings
    • care for your instrument
    • long-tone development
    • multiple tonguing
    • competition preparation
    • practice schedules / how to practice
    • community performance opportunities
    • Conservatory examinations
    • audition preparation

Week 1 (Intermediate)

August 12-16, 9am-12pm

This week is the best choice for students who have more playing experience, and are working at the equivalent of Grade 2-6 Conservatory level.

Week 2 (Advanced)

August 19-23, 9am-2pm

This week is designed for students who are working at or above the Grade 8 Conservatory level. This week includes some focus on learning & listening to orchestral excerpts, and is intended for students who may be considering music as an option for post-secondary studies. An audition may be required.

Adult Flute Camp

August 12-16, 6pm-9pm

This week is intended for adult amateur flutists of all levels who wish to further develop their performance skills.


Please click HERE to complete an online registration form.

Please note: enrolment is limited – registration deadline August 9, 2024

Instruments are not provided. If you need assistance finding an instrument, or if you are not sure which grade level you are playing at, please feel free to contact Wendy [email] directly.