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Edith Aeschbacher de Covach

Piano, Advanced Theory
RCM Certified Teacher (Elementary, Intermediate & Advanced Piano Specialist)

Edith Aeschbacher-Covach was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She moved to Canada in 1995 at the age of 23 with a Piano Professor degree and training in Early Childhood Music studies. While in Argentina, she taught music at her own private studio as well as in several Public Schools, grades ranging from JK to grade 7. She also worked as a keyboard instructor for the Yamaha Music Corporation for a number of years. After settling to a new life in Canada, new language, new family (mother of 4 by 2004) she always remained active as a teacher in her private studio, and as pianist to her church orchestra and choir, something she had done since age 15 in Argentina.

In 2007 she resumed to her piano studies, now in Canada, with Professor Terence Kroetsch. She completed her ARCT in Piano Performance in 2011, while working toward an ARCT Diploma in Composition (a degree beyond that of Advanced theory levels) which is now nearly complete. Encouraged to pursue studies in Composition by her youth Harmony teacher Miguel Costanzo, she embraced them in 2008, taking counterpoint classes as student of the Royal Conservatory of Music with Prof. Roman Toi in Toronto and Terence Kroetsch locally.

Her ongoing musical activity is broad, ranging from teaching at her private studio to composing and performing, with regular entries to composing competitions in different styles and also busy performing (she has performed 3 solo piano concerts between January and December of 2011 including one in Argentina, when invited by her former Conservatory “Carlos Guastavino”). She regularly accompanies the local Wellington Winds and the K-W Community Orchestra. Her compositions and arrangements had found a way into our local orchestras as well (KWCO, Valhalla Brass Ensemble), her songs have been performed at the Kiwanis Festival, the Love for Music Marathon, and other studio recitals and some of her compositions have entered various competitions (such as the CFMTA, Da Capo, Pax Christi Chorale, etc.). She has attended several composers Workshops with the Kindred Spirits orchestra in Markham, ON, where new compositions are premiered, having the opportunity to work personally with composers such as Gary Kulesha and Kevin Lau (currently an associate composer for the TSO). Other workshops have included working with British composer Christopher Norton.

Constant improvement and development are a MUST for Edith, balanced by the enjoyment that making music, better music, brings.